Trek Bikes and Women Specific Design: Bikes Made to FIT Women

By Jesse Roberson

            Women’s Specific Design (WSD) is used to balance a woman’s weight more evenly between hands and hips, to allow a more natural riding position.  This is accomplished in part by adjusting geometry on WSD frames, causing a rider to sit more upright, effectively placing a women’s weight better than on a standard frame.  There are also many components used on a WSD bicycle that are used to make the bike more comfortable and to achieve a better position while riding.  Trek designs WSD bikes to optimally fit a woman by using a WSD steering package, shortening top tubes, improving the seat tube angle, and using better FIT components.

Steering packages include the stem and the handlebars on a bicycle.  When looking a handlebar width for a rider, the width of the handlebars should generally be similar to the width of their shoulders.  Many women riders ride a stock bar that can cause increased shoulder pain while riding.  Adjustments to handlebars help to eliminate hand soreness and numbness felt while riding. Correctly matched stem and bars also aid a rider with better control when riding.  To fit a women’s body, Trek WSD bikes use a narrower handlebar to keep hands in a more natural position to decrease shoulder pain and fatigue.

Shorter top tube lengths are used to sit a rider more upright.  Many bikes are fit to riders by using the length of the rider’s legs and not the length of a rider’s torso.  Sizing a bicycle by using a rider’s torso length positions the body more evenly over the bicycle frame.  Better riding position decreases pain and fatigue in the hips, lower back, shoulders, neck, and even hands.  A Trek WSD bike has a shorter top tube to redistribute a women’s weight between her hands and her hips to eliminate lower back pain and reduce neck and shoulder stress.

Seat position and seat tube angle attribute to pedal efficiency and power.  Riders generally position seats too high and too far back from the pedals.  A seat that is high will cause too much action in the hips and lead to pain and numbness.  A seat that is positioned too far back will cause a rider to slide forward on the seat, which results in hip pain and numbness.  Sitting too far back from the pedals will also cause a weak pedal stroke.  Balancing rider weight over the pedals increases pedaling efficiency.  Trek WSD bikes use a steeper seat tube to position a women’s body forward, resulting in an exceptionally powerful pedal stroke.

Steering design, frame adjustments, and seat position on WSD bikes aren’t all that is used by Trek to make a women’s bicycle fit so well.  Components like shorter reach levers and smaller-diameter grip size fit a women’s hand better.  WSD saddles position women’s sit bones upon the padding of the seat better, and provide more clearance for riders when standing and climbing.  Comfortable hands and butts lead to longer more enjoyable rides.  One the most important, yet overlooked features on a bicycle is color, Trek WSD bikes have some of the best paint offered.

Women’s Specific Design is not just found on performance bikes either, Trek bikes use WSD technology on almost all bikes they make.  WSD is on Hybrid and Fitness bicycles for commuting, touring, or riding paved trails.  Mountain bikes, both full suspension and hard tails, use WSD for off road trails, single-track, or racing.  Comfort bikes for short commutes, bike paths, or around town riding as well as cruisers for the boardwalk and other flat terrain use WSD.  Trek also has WSD riding shorts, jerseys, pumps, helmets, and many other accessories that help to make riding both casual and religious better.  Trek uses WSD on almost every bike they make so any women on any type of ride can feel great, ride happy, and look outstanding.

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