James L. Sublett MD, FACAAI

  1. No smoking inside the home at any time.
  2. Measure the indoor humidity and keep it below 50%.  Do not use vaporizers or humidifiers. You may need a dehumidifier. Use vent fans in bathrooms and when cooking to remove moisture. Repair all water leaks.
  3. Remove wall-to-wall carpets from the bedroom if possible. Use a central vacuum or a vacuum with a HEPA filter regularly. Remember it takes over 2 hours for the dust to settle back down.
  4. Keep pets out of the bedroom at ALL times. Use a HEPA Air Cleaner in the bedroom with an adequate CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for the size of the room.
  5. Encase mattresses and pillows with “mite-proof” covers; Wash all bed linens regularly using hot water.
  6. Install a high efficiency media filter with a MERV rating of 12 in the furnace and air-conditioning unit.
  7. Leave the fan on to create a “whole house” air filter that removes particles that may cause allergies.
  8. Change the filter every three months (with the change of the seasons) to keep the air cleaner year round.
  9. Have your heating and air-conditioning units inspected and serviced every six months.
  10. Gas appliances and fireplaces should be vented to the outside and maintained regularly.


James L. Sublett, M.D., is a clinical professor and section chief of pediatric allergy at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He is also Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Family Allergy & Asthma (www.familyallergy.com), a multi-site allergy practice with offices throughout KY and  southern Indiana.


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