Stay Healthy During the Holidays


The Holidays are upon us! These are great times to reconnect with family and friends. It can also be a time when your healthy eating habits are challenged! Here are some ideas to stay healthy during the Holidays.

  1. Be prepared to keep your health a priority. Think twice before you go back for that second desert. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. Keep your health goals first and foremost.
  2. Make the gathering more about the experience of being together than what you are eating or drinking. Enjoy your family and friends.
  3. Eat healthy foods BEFORE you attend a Holiday gathering. This prevents you from jumping into those appetizers and perhaps overeating the Holiday treats.
  4. Choose the healthiest options at the Holiday gatherings. It is not necessary to eat everything!
  5. Bring a healthy dish to share. I have modified many of my favorite recipes to make them much healthier. See my stuffed mushroom recipe and the pumpkin dip recipe.
  6. Chew your food slowly. This helps with digestion, can prevent overeating and promotes more enjoyment of food.
  7. Limit your alcohol intake. Sip your alcoholic beverages. Drink plenty of water before and after any alcohol. Consider some of the nonalcoholic wines. “12” is one of my favorites. It comes in 2 flavors and can be purchased at Whole Foods. Another option is sparkling water such as Perrier.  Add a lime for a delightful beverage.
  8. Continue your exercise program! The weather is getting colder so your exercise routine may have to move indoors. Keep your body moving! Perhaps you can park a bit further away in the parking lot at the grocery stores or department stores. When shopping at the Malls, do a couple laps inside the Mall. Create a 40 day exercise challenge. Finish out the year with daily exercise the rest of 2011! It’s not as hard as you think. It’s just a mindset. Set your mind that you are going to exercise the rest of the year and “Just do it!”

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Kim Evans APRN CNS-BC AHN-BC CNAT is an advanced practice nurse with over 34 years of clinical experience in multiple roles including staff nurse, nurse manager and critical care clinical nurse specialist. She has an advanced practice license as a clinical nurse specialist with board certification in Adult Health.  She is also certified as a nurse Amma Therapist, which is acupressure based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She completed a fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona with Dr. Andrew Weil in 2006. Kim is one of the founders and owner of the Institute for Integrative Medicine ( in Louisville, KY

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