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By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. is a FREE website that offers you a community that can help you lose weight by getting fitter and making better food choices. Chris Downie, the CEO and developer of, developed the site so that people could have a FREE resource to help them become healthier. Business Week named as the Best Health Website. Check out this video about what can do for you: is like having your own dietitian and your own personal trainer.  To get started, there is a 4-minute easy-to-follow video to explain how the website is developed.  Each specific area also has an effective 3-minute video to explain how each tracker and section works.


Nutrition Tracker

The Nutrition Tracker helps you to keep track of your daily calories.  You can change the options based on what type of information you want to receive. You can add favorite foods which you typically eat to make the tracking of your daily diet easier. Keeping track of your daily intake has been shown to be an effective tool for weight loss.

Nutrition Tracker:

  • Daily Calorie Breakdown
  • Daily Nutrition Report
  • Calorie & Nutrients Over Time
  • Calorie Differential Over Time
  • Daily Nutrition Feedback
  • Daily Calorie Differential

Fitness Tracker

The Strength Training Tracker of sets up your strength training for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There are animated demonstrations which help teach proper form. You can swap or remove the specific routines. In addition you can print your daily exercise program.  The Cardio Tracker sets up the cardio program for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can set your personal goals and track how many calories are being burned in each exercise section.  In addition, you can add pedometer and running/cycling mileage as well.

Fitness Tracker:

  • Fitness Minutes Over Time
  • Strength Training Over Time
  • Cardio Report Over Time
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Calories Burned

Community Resources Can Help Keep You on Track

The community allows you to seek help and possibly a buddy if that makes staying on track work for you. You can develop your own blog which can help you reach other Spark People. Maybe a recipe or a tip that works for you may help others or maybe you can gain some insights and tips that might work for you. A Message Board is an effective way to reach out to’s experts like registered dietitians and certified personal trainers.

Community Resources:

  • Spark Teams
  • Challenge Central
  • Spark Pages
  • Success Stories
  • Message Boards
  • Secrets of Success
  • Member Blogs
  • Community Highlights

Educational Information

The site also discusses health conditions from A – Z. In addition, the site also contains up-to-date health information and health news. In addition, there is a special section on Condition Centers and Diabetes Program.  The Condition Centers section contains in-depth guides for the most common health issues the members of have.

Jump Start Your Health with

I highly recommend this health site. It’s FREE and has lots of excellent tools to help keep you on task with weight loss and taking your health seriously!

Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N., is a registered dietitian with a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition.  The former publisher of Kentuckiana HealthFitness Magazine, Kentuckiana Healthy Woman magazine and radio show host of Health News You Can Use, Barbara has over 30 years of experience in promoting healthy lifestyles to consumers.  Barbara worked as Nutrition Consultant to the Navy SEALs (8 years) and the University of Louisville Athletic Department (10 years). Barbara has private practice, DayByDay Nutrition,, where she counsels clients on weight loss, cholesterol management, performance nutrition and an array of other medical issues.  Visit Barbara’s new website which is an on-line health & wellness magazine, Barbara writes nutrition and health columns for as well as a weekly nutrition column for the Southeast Outlook. She also designs and presents employee wellness programs to small and large businesses. Barbara is a runner, cyclist, hiker and a mother and grandmother to 11 grandchildren.    


1 thought on “Spark Your Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle with SPARKPEOPLE.COM”

  1. I started using this site when I joined your class at church–Waist Watchers. I found it invaluable and along with your class and this site I loss weight and learned how to eat right, exercise (and enjoy it!), keep track of food intake (very easy on this site) and set goals for exercise and weight loss.

    Tracking sodium, carbs, fats or other things is very easy also. Just put in what you want to track and you can print it out daily, weekly, etc. Gives you a solid idea of what to do and not do.

    I still use this site and their receipes are excellent!!

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