KentuckianaHEALTHWellness.com’s mantra is: Be Wise and Exercise every day by doing something active.  Eat More of the Best and Less of the Rest. Be Bright and Eat Right at least 80% of the time. Have Miles of Smiles walking, running, cycling, swimming, and even golfing by walking the course (it’s about 6 miles of walking).


Mission Statement

KentuckianaHEALTHWellness.com’s Mission Statement: To provide Kentuckiana men, women and families with the most up-to-date health, nutrition and fitness information including advice from credentialed health care professionals offering empowering strategies for improving the health of our community.


KentuckianaHEALTHWellness.com (KHW) is an online magazine all about health and wellness resources and activities in the Kentuckiana area. KHW is modeled on the same principles that Kentuckiana HealthFitness Magazine and Kentuckiana Healthy Woman Magazines.   As a health professional and educator for the past 37 years, website publisher Barbara Day’s mission is to provide Kentuckiana with a resource the community can count on for credible health information.

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