Get a Bikase I-Phone®, Blackberry® or Droid® Holder for your Bike

By Barbara Day

          When I am out cycling, I always carry my cell phone. You never know when you need to call someone in case of an emergency. I saw the Bikase® smartphone holder at Scheller’s when I was there getting a lube job for my bike. What a great idea! You can strap the holder directly onto your bike using two Velcro straps in a vertical or horizontal orientation.  It fits most smartphones like I-Phone®, Blackberry®, and Droid®. Because Bikase® is covered by a plastic cover, your phone is protected in case of rain and the holder can be wiped off for cleaning.  The website,, says the holder is water and shock resistant. If you were doing a bike tour, you could use you smart phone as a GPS if you got lost. (Probably none of you have ever gotten lost while cycling in an unfamiliar area but I have a bunch of times, so a front mount works for me). Bikase® sells for $24.99 at Scheller’s or you can get it online for $20 but you end up paying for shipping and handling. Scheller’s says they have sold a lot of these holders. Oops! I got the last 2 at the Middletown store!

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